We are a service-oriented company with core competence in the fields of planning, development, construction and support for agricultural and industrial biogas plants which are deployed within the broader concept of the waste to energy process. Our guiding theme is to create value out of waste. The core activities fit within the acronym of L.E.E. standing in Luxemburgish for “Landwirtschaft, Energie, Emwelt” and meaning in English:” Agriculture, Energy, and Environment”. 


Since the company was founded in 2000, we have specialised in the development, planning and operation of biogas and digestion plants, and of waste to energy projects. In this time, we have realized more than 100 projects in Europe (including Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium and Poland), Canada, China, India, and Cape Verde. Our expertise covers different bioenergy production technologies such as anaerobic digestion, combustion and gasification.


We develop integrated technical concepts that combine in an efficient manner different biomass technologies to maximise the valorisation of waste or biomass for the generation of renewable energies in the form of heat, cold and electricity, biomethane or fertilizers.


Figure A: The circular economy


Our guideline, summarized by efficiently valorizing biomass and waste, is motivated by the Circular Economy thinking, which is aiming at a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth (Figure A). The main principle is to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value, at all times. This means re-using, repairing and recycling existing materials and products.

In this context we are developing in the waste to energy/value projects (Figure B), so called Resources Centres, that contribute to a sustainable waste management of solid waste through recycling, and energetic and matter valorisation. The waste is turned into value added products (heat, electricity, organic fertilizers, …) 


Figure B: Waste to energy /value project: Resources centre concept

Waste to energy/value


Our aim is to provide our customers with a comprehensive service which covers all aspects ranging from initial contact and consultation, feasibility studies and individual planning and preparation of the approval application, right up to supervised construction and operation of your biogas plant or resources centre.


We offer our customers a long-term relationship based on partnership. We aim to build trust through comprehensive solutions which deliver a commercially optimised result. As a free firm, we are independent of manufacturers and methods.


Our young team includes experienced members from, among others, the following areas:

  • Energy and environmental protection technology
  • Waste disposal systems
  • Agriculture / agricultural science
  • Mechanical engineering and machine construction
  • Process and chemical engineering
  • Structural engineering

We help our employees to develop their personal skills and fulfil their professional potential. Our guiding principles are to display "high levels of technical competence" and "professionalism".


L.E.E. SÀRL is a spin-off of the European research project LSDN (Local Sustainable Development Network). We conduct applied research and development in the fields of biogas, materials flow management and biomass utilisation.

We are also happy to share our experience in the area of innovation sponsorship and funding with you.