The biogas plant at Geer is installed near to the company “Hesbaye Frost” (Ardo group). The plant uses the by-products from the production of frozen vegetables (solid organic vegetable waste) and also different agricultural biomasses (solid manure, liquid manure, energy crops) of 39 farmers from the region.

Another biomass which is used also is the sewage sludge produced in the waste water treatment facility of Hesbaye Frost.

The Combined Heat and Power group is producing thanks to the produced biogas renewable electricity and heat. The electricity is used in the industrial production process of Hesbaye Frost.

The excess heat is used to treat the liquid output of the biogas plant. After mechanical separation the solid part is used as an organic fertilizer at a dry matter content of 30% on the farmland. The liquid after separation is also treated by a thickening technology in order to produce a more or less clean process water which is spread out on the farmland thanks to an existing irrigation system.

The thermal energy is used in a drying process for woodchips. After the drying the woodchips are pressed in special sizes (8.000 tons per year wood briquettes) which fit for the use in private households.

This project is an excellent example for the interaction of multiple actors (companies and farms) after a long project development. The operation of the plant has started end of 2012.


Basic information Name of the legal entity: L.E.E. SÀRL
Country: Belgium
Project value (EUR): 6.000.000,-
Staff provided: 5
Client: Biogaz du haut Geer S.C.
Origin of fundings: private
Dates (start-end): 2011 - 2013
Input biogas plant
Agricultural biomass: 30.000 tons/year (energy crops, liquid manure, solid manure)
Agro-industrial waste: 15.000 tons/year ( (vegetables, sewage sludge, …)
Greenery waste:
750 tons/year (grass and lignified waste)
Technical Data
Technology employed: biogas (anaerobic digestion)
Total reactor volume: 7.300 m³
Power of the cogeneration power station: 1.200 kWel
Others: Thickening process for the liquid output of the biogas plant
Energy production
Biogas: 4.000.000 m³/year
Installed electrical capacity: 1,2 MWel. (CHP)
Annual production of electricity: 9.300.000 kWhel/year
Installed thermal capacity: 1,38 MWtherm (CHP)
Annual production of heat: 10.700.000 kWhtherm/year
Process heat consumption 1.920.000 kWhtherm/year
Thermal treatment output: 5.600.000 kWhtherm/year
Others: For drying process of woodchips for the production of wood briquettes
Services provided

Project Planning:

Feasibility study
Mass and energy balance
Authorisation procedures
Call of tender
Engineering design: Basic engineering
Detailed engineering
Financial engineering
Project implementation: Supervision of construction
Start-up of the process