The assignment includes the technical and economic feasibility of a resource center for Santiago Island (Cape Verde) valorising the solid municipal waste MSW by recycling, and by generating renewable energy (electricity, biomethane,..) and high-quality fertilizer from the organic fraction.

The integrated waste management concept of the resource center consists in maximizing the recycling of recyclables (i.e. glass, paper, plastic) and in maximizing the energetic and matter valorisation of the solid waste. After manual and mechanical pretreatment sorting out the non-fermentable matter, the anaerobic digestion converts the organic matter into high quality fertilizer and biogas which can be used as biomethane for “clean cooking” or be burned in an CHP plant to produce energy. Part of the generated energy will be used for satisfying the demands of the process, i.e. heating of the digesters and hygenisation.The plant will be constructed with adaptive modules, in such a way that extension can be easily undertaken to meet the requirement with the increasing amount of MSW to be treated

The integrated concept combining the landfill and the resource center supports the 100% renewable energy strategy of Cape Verde, creates regional added value and induces socio-economic and environmental benefits.

The project is carried out in strong collaboration with the local actors is crucial in order to develop an integrated concept improving the actual situation and to elaborate a consistent structure for the realization.


Basic information Name of the legal entity: L.E.E. SÀRL
Country: Luxembourg
Project value (EUR): 486.000,-
Client: MDDI, Climate and Energy Fund of Luxemburgish State
Origin of fundings: Public
Dates (start-end): 2015 - 2016
Input biogas plant
Municipal solid waste  
Resource center
Technology employed:

Manual separation of recyclables

Hydro-mechanical treatment & grit removal system

Hygenisation at 70°C for 1 hour

Anaerobic digestion

Water scrubber for biogas upgrading

Biogas burner for process heat

Post-treatment: high quality fertilizer

Services provided

Project Planning:

Feasibility study
Mass and energy balance
Technical specifications
Authorisation procedures
Call of tender
Engineering design: Basic engineering
Detailed engineering
Financial engineering / Business plan