The biogas plant in Taroudant is planned to be installed near to a waste water treatment plant owned and operated by the client. The client is producing milk products, fruits and is also starting to construct a slaughter house.

All organic waste streams together with the sewage sludge and some agricultural biomass are used to produce through the anaerobic digestion a maximum of renewable energies.

The enormous heat and electricity demand of the client will be partly produced thanks to the biogas plant. To reach a maximum efficiency of the project, the biogas produced in the biogas plant, which is at about 1000 meters from the industrial site away, will be transported by a simple low pressure gas pipe to the decentralized combined heat and power unit which will be placed directly in the industrial site near to the heat consumers.

The final output after the anaerobic process will be transformed, thanks to a post-composting process, into a high quality fertilizer which will create added value.


Basic information Name of the legal entity: L.E.E. SÀRL
Country: Marocco
Project value (EUR): 48.000,-
Client: Copag Coopérative agricole
Origin of fundings: private
Dates (start-end): 2011 - ongoing
Input Material
Agricultural biomass: 20.000 tons/year
Sewage sludge: 45.000 tons/year
Agro-industrial waste: 6.400 tons/year
Technical Data
Technology employed: biogas (anaerobic digestion)
Electrical capacity installed: 1.000 kWel
Digesters: 2 x 2.200 m³
Post-digesters: 2 x 2.200 m³
Others: Post-composting and ecofertiliser
Energy Biogas production: 3.300.000 m³/year
Electrical production: 7.000.000 kWhel./year
Heat production: 8.000.000 KWhth/year
Heat consumption client: 6.500.000 KWhth/year
Ecofertiliser: 8.300 tons/year
Services provided Project planning:

Feasibility study
Mass and energy balances